Custom desktop folders locations

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Custom desktop folders locations

Postby Fireball » 02.05.2015 00:09:07

Please is it possible to include such feature in the future versions?
I think that having desktops "with me" across my computers should be a big feature.
Put desktops folders to the cloud (Dropbox, MegaSync etc.) and configure Dexpot at every machine to these folders.
Don't you think, that this is an interesting idea?
Many thanks for just thinking about this.
Dexpot is the most interestnig desktop manager ever and this feature should make this great prog much variable.


Custom desktop folders locations - note

Postby Fireball » 03.05.2015 21:36:35

The feature will be fine at Desktop 2, Desktop 3 etc.
The main Desktop 1 should be the Windows physical one of every used computer, of course...
This solution should be more easy this way.


Re: Custom desktop folders locations

Postby Fireball » 04.05.2015 23:15:01

I have found a solution. It is not so handy, but it is fully functional:
Create a symbolic directiry link using command MKLINK

mklink /D source target

mklink /D "C:\Users\Fireball\Desktop 2" "E:\Dropbox\Work\Desktop 2"

Note: when using long folder filenames (more than 8 chars) you must use commas

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