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DexControl for the masses :D

Posted: 20.09.2015 15:51:28
by Barborassa
I tried to use the drag&drop feature but I couldn't. Then I read some posts until I found that I have to enable DexControl for this operation and that I also have to enable the aero theme. Sadly I use windows 7 starter and there is NO aero theme that I can get working. If I enable it by any means I will break my OS license and I don't quite want that. Can you ad the posibility to use DexControl and it's features no matter what theme are you using (at least for windows 7 and it's in-built themes)?

Re: DexControl for the masses :D

Posted: 11.11.2015 10:19:14
by Sebastian

as mentioned in your initial post, this is not feasible.