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'desktop windows' ~ overview ... default?

Posted: 19.06.2016 22:48:20
by equiplist
I am a dedicated user of Dexpot. Nothing else compares.

I just recently switched to Windows 10. 'Task View' looks like Sys internals Desktops on the updated Win10 graphical interface. No configuration options or settings whatsoever.

    Looks like Microsoft implemented Sysinternals Desktops in Win10 with no improvements!

I use Dexpot's 'Desktop Windows' frequently. I have the tray icon set to open it when I double click. It opens with the active desktop selected. Is there any way to change that default? To have it open 'Overview' instead of the active desktop?

I searched and could not find an easy answer. I see that there is a command line option -f that 'Opens Desktop Window', but I don't see any arguments for it.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

All the best, Barry

Re: 'desktop windows' ~ overview ... default?

Posted: 24.06.2016 11:20:02
by Sebastian

no. I consider this a feature suggestion.