Shoutout to the Dev and community

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Shoutout to the Dev and community

Postby Penindini » 11.05.2022 20:29:06

I've been using Dexpot for about 5 years now. It is brilliant. Honestly my life would be so different without it.

Well done to the developer(s) and the community. I will make a donation shortly.
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Re: Shoutout to the Dev and community

Postby RavenIVI » 22.09.2022 13:35:59

I think, the project is dead.
However the software is running very good.
But dont expect any response or even updates...

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Re: Shoutout to the Dev and community

Postby traycerb » 28.09.2022 07:36:08

though I only ever used it for personal use, i went ahead and bought an official license some years back, to support the devs. when they were still updating, they even incorporated a suggestion i made.

i do find dexpot a little frustrating in regards to the modern windows apps, some dont show up in dexpot previews, and some are repeated in all desktops, etc, though there are workarounds which function to various degrees.

of course i wish there were further updates, but even if it stopped working today, it was valuable and my thanks and my best to the devs.

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Re: Shoutout to the Dev and community

Postby Sebastian » 25.10.2022 11:19:56


thank you for your feedback, guys.
Best regards (wave)
Sebastian Brands, Dexpot GbR

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