I love and hate Windows 10 virtual desktops

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I love and hate Windows 10 virtual desktops

Postby Usugida » 03.12.2019 12:25:09

If you are not already familiar with virtual desktops, it is a feature where you can define multiple desktops and choose which open windows appear on which desktop. For example, at home I use one desktop for home stuff, and one for work. That way when I'm using Quicken or Facebook, I don't have the clutter of open proposal documents or budget spreadsheets in the way. I just click CTRL+WINDOWS+arrow to toggle between them. I have used three or four at once and really like to be able to partition off my different worlds.

However. If I am in desktop 3 and click a web link in an email, it will often open in a browser window on a different desktop. So I have to detach the tab, and drag it into the desktop where I want it. The same thing happens with some Microsoft Office apps. Seems like they could have gotten this right. I don't know how much of this is under Windows' control vs. the application.

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