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Hard Disk Issue

Posted: 01.05.2020 06:41:45
by satineeraj
Hi all, i am using windows 10. it works fine for me. but some days before when i worked on my PC it shows message " Windows Detected a Hard Disk Problem" Message (Image Attached. can any one suggest me:
1: How can i take backup of my data if in case windows is not working.
2: is it a Hard disk issue or may be Virus.
3: Should i move to SSD. :(

Re: Hard Disk Issue

Posted: 18.08.2020 18:00:02
by windowsfan001
Try booting up a Linux LiveCD like Knoppix to repair the filesystem

Re: Hard Disk Issue

Posted: 04.09.2020 23:45:23
by windowsfan001

had a similar problem like you just recently. Therefore I have done some research and I have decided to change to a ssd hard disk. I do not regret it. If you want to have further infos, this is where I got my informations from (it is in german though): ... atte-test/
But I hope this can somehow help you to make a decision.