Can dexpot help me do this?

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Can dexpot help me do this?

Postby pdchandler » 23.08.2012 07:42:41

Hello ... I have recently stumbled into dexpot, and I'd have to say I'm impressed. I've been using another desktop manager - one that has fewer features and requires me to have admin priviledges - so, with dexpot, I can use a manager even though I don't have admin rights. Very nice.

My question relates to why I stumbled into dexpot (as I wasn't actually looking for a desktop manager). I would like two 'virtual screens' side-by-side in a class room situation, in an environment with 1 data projector (and a PC with either 1 or 2 video cards). So, for instance, a powerpoint (in second-monitor, presenter view) and a browser showing a twitter feed - side-by-side. Similar to the "preview" mode, only interactive.

Is this functionality available to me in dexpot? Or is someone willing/able to point me in the direction of any software which might help? A windows manager will not do the trick - what I am hoping to find is something which will take a single video card and make it into 2 (or potentially more) 'virtual' video cards, in ways that the windows (control panel) display manager 'knows about'.

Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks.

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Re: Can dexpot help me do this?

Postby Sebastian » 07.09.2012 13:46:27


just guessing what you need:

Maybe Full-screen preview can help? Exclude your first monitor from desktop switching, disable 'Show on monitor excluded from switching' and set the virtual desktop count to 2. Put PowerPoint on Desktop 1, twitter on Desktop 2. Start Full-screen preview, then display all windows as tiles.
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Re: Can dexpot help me do this?

Postby pdchandler » 23.01.2013 05:03:54

Thank you for the reply, my apologies for the many months it has taken me to respond.

Yes, what you have suggested more-or-less does the trick. It is not quite "perfect", because the moment that I advance the slideshow, the second monitor flicks out of being in preview. I can use a hot-key to quickly bring it back into a preview again, but (for my purpose), perfection would be obtained by the second monitor staying in a view a bit like the full-screen preview, but showing changes as they appear on the screen. Am I missing something? Or dreaming of a function which is not (yet) possible?

(Setting up the displays on the second monitor as a slideshow also does works well.)


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Re: Can dexpot help me do this?

Postby samjonas » 31.12.2019 08:50:05

I am also looking for the same virtual display function, but can't find it.
Any kind of help or advice would be appreciated.


Re: Can dexpot help me do this?

Postby Mineki » 06.02.2020 14:51:10

Hi, I don't see this option in Dexpot, so I recommend DisplayFusion to have several virtual screens on one physical screen.

(Thanks google translate :) )

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