Some probs with notepad++

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Some probs with notepad++

Postby vmars316 » 26.10.2014 02:50:01

Hello & Thanks;
Some probs with notepad++
1) drag & drop a file into np++ doesn't work: the sendto works ok though.
is there a fix for d&d ?
2) I can't find where to download the html-syntax-highlighting plugin.
The np++ sourceforge site is pretty messy, hard to find my way around.
3) Even though i'm in the Newsletter, Can't seem to find a way to use the Forum. .


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Re: Some probs with notepad++

Postby ferenczy » 15.12.2014 18:35:02

I wouldn't be surprised if you're trying to search for what you need on a * site or site for mothers and babies. It seems you're posting your issues to the random forums.

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