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Dexpot settings

Postby nibal » 07.12.2015 05:49:04


I am a new Dexpot user. I start Dexpot with my windows 10 in my PC. It creates a desktop catalog in the lower right corner, over my action bar. I didn't like that, so i started playing around with my settings. Unfortunately I tried unselecting the "Show Dexpot icon in action bar". Now I cannot change my Dexpot settings any more :(

1) How can I change my Dexpot settings?
2) How can I remove the desktop catalog?


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Re: Dexpot settings

Postby Sebastian » 13.01.2016 18:04:36


double-click the Dexpot desktop icon. The main menu will pop up on your cursor position.
See 'Settings > Appearance > System tray icon' (I guess that's what you're looking for?).
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Re: Dexpot settings

Postby nibal » 13.01.2016 23:28:50

Ty for your reply,

Unfortunately it came too late. i will remember for next time.
I have reinstalled Dexpot since. Now it works fine;-)

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