Can Dexpot be used in this way?

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Can Dexpot be used in this way?

Postby addressUnknownn » 26.10.2021 17:52:46

Is there any way to use this app in a way that "saves" my desktop state to one virtual desktop within the app? I work from home remotely but also use my PC for personal use unrelated to work, so what I want to do is be able to set my three monitors as my "desktop 1" (within the dexpot app) for my working hours, laid out with all my windows where I want them for work, and then after working hours, toggle to "desktop 2" (within the dexpot app) for when I want to game or browse the web without disturbing the state of my "desktop 1" which is for work. Hopefully that makes sense.

Like I said, I use 3 monitors. I just want to be able to save where all my windows are for when I'm working, and then switch to my other dexpot desktop and essentially have a fresh desktop space so I don't interrupt my work layout, which I've set up as most efficient for my job. Like I have the monitor to the left as my system/network navigation monitor, then my center monitor is my primary workspace in which I use frequently used programs, and my right monitor is used as auxiliary space for other ancillary tools and web browsing. Having to "lay out" my workspace in this way every day is tedious and does take time, and if I could set up Dexpot in such a way that I'd be able to easily switch from my work layout (across all three monitors) to my "play" (non-work) layout (essentially just a fresh, blank "sandbox" desktops) that would be amazing. I was recommended this program from a reddit thread in which someone was trying to do the same thing.

Thank you!

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Re: Can Dexpot be used in this way?

Postby Sebastian » 31.10.2021 06:57:00


you can start up specific apps on virtual desktops. However, a resume feature is not available.
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