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Desktop Pager

Posted: 31.01.2012 17:18:03
by vic7
Desktop Pager looks like the most popular plugin.

Though, to feel totally native, I believe, it should support two more features:
  • Window previews in Windows 7;
  • Dragging windows from taskbar to Desktop Pager to move to respective desktop.
  • Mouse wheel over Desktop Pager could do something meaningful, like list windows or page thru window previews.
Thank you!

Re: Desktop Pager

Posted: 17.07.2012 10:54:00
by vic7
What I'm missing (still) is:
* Taskbar Pager works great with multiple monitors. Now I'd like to drag windows between monitors, and not only desktops.
* Option to enable window miniatures, not only icons in Taskbar Pager.