Dexpot 1.6 Beta: Changelog

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Dexpot 1.6 Beta: Changelog

Postby Sebastian » 09.09.2011 21:21:58


Dexpot 1.6 Final Build 2116

  • Easy license code pasting
  • Improved compatibility with DisplayFusion 4 Pro
  • Fixed crash when repeatedly opening DexControl
  • Fixed off-center rendering problem with some wallpaper clocks

Build 2106: Release Candidate

  • Fixed a crash when clicking a window sketch in Desktop Preview
  • Pro version detection fixed in Dexpot Updater

Build 2101: Release Candidate

  • Switching sounds are back
  • Display Dual Monitor Taskbar on all desktops
  • Disable DexControl if Direct2D is not available on Windows Vista
  • Improved handling of windows on monitors excluded from switching in Desktop Preview
  • At least one monitor must be enabled in 'Settings > Switching Desktops > Monitors'

  • Fixed an issue where copying or moving windows made Dexpot switch to another desktop
  • Some moved or copied windows were repositioned to the upper left of the screen
  • Removed vertical bar in the desktop name on-screen display
  • Fixed a bug in the version compatibility check for plugins

Beta 2075

  • Keyboard controls for DexControl

    • Arrow keys: Select desktop or window
    • CTRL + Arrow keys: Select monitor
    • RETURN: Switch to selected desktop/window
    • DEL: Close window
    • Z: Zoom a desktop
    • T: Tile up a single desktop
    • SHIFT + T: Tile up all desktops
    • Numeric keys: Switch to desktop 1 to 9 (Window catalog: Switch to window 1 to 9)
  • DexControl can now show windows on excluded monitors (plus option to disable DexControl on such monitors)
  • Improved visibility of desktops with black background color in Full-screen preview
  • Window catalog for active application
  • DexControl animation speed setting
  • Option to hide window labels in DexControl tile view
  • Option to switch to an assigned application's desktop when started or activated
  • Option to disable full-screen detection ('Settings > Appearance > Full-screen applications')
  • CTRL + Single click on 'One icon per desktop' launches Window catalog for a single desktop
  • Window tooltips are back in 'Desktop Preview'
  • Beautified 'Wallpaper Clock' plugin
  • Quickly assign applications via numeric keys
  • Automatic recovery of off-screen windows
  • 30-day evaluation period for commercial use
  • Automatic transfer of settings when started with an empty portable.ini

  • Fixed DexControl crash on resolution changes and resuming from standby
  • Fixed disappearing windows when using DexControl
  • Cropped windows in DexControl weren't displayed properly
  • Fixed errors with windows copied to all desktops, then closed on specific desktops ("Magic sticky")
  • 'Desktop Manager' sometimes displayed wrong icons with 'Show icons of active windows' enabled
  • Fixed window dragging in 'Desktop Preview' on multi-monitor systems
  • Windows from password-protected desktops were gathered on the active desktop when using DexControl
  • Fixed an issue with 'Taskbar Pager' where default settings could not be loaded correctly
  • Plugins are no longer loaded automatically on incompatible Windows versions
  • Minimized windows could be displayed as 'Icons' in Desktop Preview instead of 'Window sketches'
  • Fixed display errors using classic Full-screen preview with background customization enabled
  • Fixed restoring hidden windows in 'Desktop Windows' when using the persistent taskbar feature
  • Application assignments were not affected by desktop reordering
  • Fixed Wallpaper Clock crashes when changing the number of desktops
  • Fixed flickering of Desktop Preview window in DexControl
  • Fixed problem with "no windows" line missing from empty desktops' menus in Desktop Manager

Beta 2003

  • Redesigned 'Desktop Manager' & 'Desktop Preview' :santa:
  • Bottom border of each window in 'Taskbar Pager' indicates the application's icon dominant color
  • Fancy new icons almost everywhere
  • Moving a window in 'Window catalogue' now switches to 'Full-screen preview'
  • Option for disabling 'Taskbar Pager' background transparency (Taskbar Pager.DisableTransparency)

  • Fixed a DPI issue with 'Full-screen preview'
  • Fixed taskbar auto-hide behaviour when using DexControl
  • Fixed 'Taskbar Pager' background theme bug
  • Fixed conflict between DexControl and 'Hide taskbar' option
  • Improved mouse wheel interaction
  • Fixed an issue regarding relative paths in startup commands
  • 'Taskbar Pager' initially only showed the contents of the current desktop
  • Fixed icon quality issues with some applications in the 'Taskbar Pager'
  • Fixed a problem with empty desktop backgrounds after increasing the number of desktops
  • Fixed an issue where windows lacking the Aero glass preview could be shortly visible when deleted
  • Fixed double-click action for the additional button in the 'Desktop Manager'

Beta 1928

  • DexControl for Windows 7: Virtual desktops simplified


  • New wrap-around option for Dexgrid
  • Windows can now be dragged along when switching desktops with Dexgrid
  • Open App Assignment dialog via SevenDex jump list, hotkey, or command line switch /aa
  • Redesigned About dialog
  • Some new icons in Settings and main menu
  • New Serbian translation
  • Updated Chinese (simplified) translation
  • Plugin API extensions

  • Fixed Dexcube spinning direction
  • Fixed another compatibility problem with TeamViewer
  • Fixed positioning of main menu entries added by plugins
  • Fixed time selection in Slideshow plugin
  • Fixed crash with up/down spin controls in Settings
  • Fixed focus problem when opening dialogs using the SevenDex jump list
  • Fixed character set problems in the updater and some plugins
  • Some SevenDex jump list entries had incorrect icons
  • Tray icon tooltips were not updated on language or desktop name change

Beta 1858

  • Automatic Rules to save and restore sessions of certain applications (add "autorule" for window class in mywechsel.ini)
  • Added new option to assign an application to the desktop where it's started
  • Aero Flip 3D available as a hot corner action
  • Assuming a compatible Dexpot installation is present, dexpot.exe can now be run outside the Dexpot program folder
  • Customization options for OEM version
  • New Greek language file

  • Fixed a crash when adding app assignments manually
  • Fixed an icon customization issue when switching desktops on Dexpot shutdown
  • Icon list in Desktop Windows wasn't correctly refreshed when using shared folder icon customization
  • Fixed Windows 7 Wallpaper Slideshow issue
  • Fixed multi-monitor icon positions
  • Fixed a rare crash problem on Windows XP
  • Fixed problem with lost windows when using certain plugins
  • Fixed problem with duplicated windows when using certain plugins
  • Windows of full-screen applications were missing from the live full-screen preview
  • Fixed a compatibility problem with EasyCODE
  • Fixed a compatibility problem with Fences
  • Fixed a compatibility problem with HP Remote Graphics
  • Fixed a compatibility problem with PowerPoint
  • Fixed a compatibility problem with TeamViewer 7
  • Fixed a compatibility problem with Skype
  • Files from desktop subfolders can no longer be dragged to the Desktop Manager

Beta 1805

  • Windows of some applications were closed on desktop switch
  • Certain windows no longer appear on all desktops
  • Fixed system menu corruption after exiting Dexpot
  • Fixed sticky user picture when switching desktops with the Start menu open
  • Fixed a problem with the hidden window list
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the deletion of wallpapers in Configure Desktops
  • Fullscreen Preview is no longer displayed on monitors excluded from switching
  • Fixed conflict between window cross-activation and monitor exclusion
  • Fixed conflict between application assignment and monitor exclusion
  • Fixed creation of desktop folders when moving/copying icons
  • Fixed default hotkeys in portable mode
  • Fixed a desktop name on-screen display glitch when switching desktops in quick succession
  • Fixed issues with language files using character sets for non-Latin alphabets

Beta 1776

  • Added ability to use regular expressions as rule conditions (syntax)
  • Automatic restoration of window distribution on resume from standby (fixes problem with Exceed onDemand)
  • New option to exclude monitors from desktop switching only when multiple monitors are present
  • Hiding the system tray (aka notification area) on Windows 7 leaves "Show Desktop" button visible
  • New option to always show empty desktops in the DexTab task switcher
  • Middle mouse button closes windows in DexTab
  • Arrow keys change selection in DexTab (when used as a hot corner)
  • New option to disable Dexcube while running on battery power
  • New layout options for Dexcube wall effects
  • New hot corner delay option
  • New option to allow hotkeys without modifier keys
  • All hotkeys in a single category can be deleted with one click

  • No Dexcube animations on excluded monitors
  • Fixed Dexcube multi-monitor bug
  • Fixed detection of contradicting conditions in the Desktop Rules wizard
  • Fixed Ctrl-click action when using "One icon per desktop" tray icon mode
  • Fixed various case sensitivity issues with import/export of desktop rules
  • Fixed initial selection of a window copied to multiple desktops in the DexTab task switcher
  • Fixed opaque desktop icon background when icon drop shadows are disabled
  • Fixed problem with multi-monitor wallpapers being drawn only partially
  • Fixed problems with move/copy "on next switch" feature
  • Fixed problem with sticky Start menu shadow
  • Fixed copying of windows when switching desktops in quick succession

Beta 1737

  • Added Window Catalog for all desktops and active application as Hot Corner actions
  • Added more multi-monitor taskbar apps to ignore list
  • Desktop name changes are now immediately visible in SevenDex
  • Reworked Window Catalog fade-in animation
  • Updater no longer requires admin privileges when Dexpot installation folder is already writable

  • Dexgrid settings dialog could not be closed
  • Desktop switching could erroneously activate window animations
  • Fixed offset bug in Desktop Preview on multi-monitor systems
  • Fixed disappearance of Desktop Manager when changing the wallpaper on Windows 7
  • Fixed Explorer crashes when using certain title bar actions
  • Fixed Window Catalog background on multi-monitor systems
  • Fixed copying of windows when activating Window Catalog on an empty desktop
  • Fixed thumbnail positioning in the Window Catalog on multi-monitor systems running Windows XP
  • Close button was missing from Window Catalog on multi-monitor systems

Beta 1722

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