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Wrong path for files

Posted: 14.06.2012 16:43:29
by douglasrac
Files that are in Desktop 2 or below, do not work. They dont open, cant cut or copy, because Windows do not recognize the path. If its shortcuts, it works perfectly, and also folders.
But files no. Cant even open a PDF file, I get an internal error from Adobe.

Re: Wrong path for files

Posted: 16.06.2012 16:43:10
by Patrick

Works fine here on Windows 7 x64.

What's your Windows version? Do you get any error messages?

Re: Wrong path for files

Posted: 16.06.2012 21:14:21
by douglasrac
My Windows is 7 Ultimate 64 bits.

When trying to copy/paste file I get: Names of origin and destination are equal.

When trying to open files that are in the Desktop, not shortcuts: An internal error occurred.

Obviously if I open the same file in a folder, not directly on the desktop, it works fine.

Re: Wrong path for files

Posted: 11.07.2012 23:27:18
by douglasrac
Any follow up on this, please?

This is a very annoying problem. I cannot open, copy, paste, any files on desktops that aren't the main one. It only happens with PDF.

Here is a screenshot of the problem:


I think I know what the cause is. One of my desktops are actually a shortcut to a folder.
I deleted the Desktop 3 folder and replace by a hard linked folder, called also Desktop 3 that links to a folder in another path.
This is because I have SugarSync syncing my desktops (work and home). This way my Desktop 3 at home is actually my work desktop.
Strangely the problem only occur with PDF. Excel files are fine.
Is there a way to fix it, since it seems to not a problem with Dexpot?