PIN application child windows to assigned desktop on relaunch.

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PIN application child windows to assigned desktop on relaunch.

Postby emrhappy » 28.08.2016 09:16:57

Greetings all.. Here's my quandary and I'm hoping the option to remedy already exists in dexpot. I have an application that I run and it has upwards 30 independent 'child' windows as a part of the same application. I need multiple desktops to split those windows into manageable chucks. 10 windows per virtual desktop and I need to lock those windows there so the next time I launch the application they all don't come back to the original desktop. Currently, when I launch/relaunch the application all 30 windows load on the desktop where I opened the application. I've tried both nVidia nview virtual desktops and windows 10 task view... both exhibit the same behavior... all 30 windows splatted on top of each other... Is there a way to 'PIN' or 'lock' the child windows to their respective desktops so when I do have to reload the program, all windows go where I originally assigned them? Thanks for reading this post and your support is greatly appreciated!


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