Dexpot & Windows 10 apps not playing nice

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Dexpot & Windows 10 apps not playing nice

Postby Agent66 » 25.10.2017 00:02:06

Hi there. Hopefully I can get some advice or help in this.

First a little background that might help - I work from home, with two 24in monitors. This isn't the first time I've worked from home or had two monitors, but it is the first time I've ever used - or heard of - virtual desktops, so maybe my ideal situation is something that's never been tried or done or can never be done.

I have two virtual desktops - a home one, which is just where I do normal, personal things (browse the net, watch TV, play video games, etc) and I have a work one, where I obviously do work. I guess in an ideal world, I want these two things to be separate and never interact with each other. Oh, and to complicate matters, I'm using the latest (is Creator's Update the latest?) version of Windows 10 (let's just happy I've grown more and more unhappy about this fact). I'm also using DisplayFusion so that I can have a second taskbar with different pinned apps for the second monitor.

When I first started using Dexpot, everything worked the way I wanted it to - programs for work stayed on work, programs for home stayed on home. The only issue I had was when my monitors went to sleep and that was all of my applications from the second monitor automatically moved to the first and programs on work VD went to home. Very annoying, but confirmed by DF to be a Windows 10 thing (along with another issue I had). Now however, Dexpot seems to have a mind of it's own.

Many times - today, for instance - when trying to switch from one VD to the other, Dexpot will automatically and immediately switch me back to the VD I was on. I have to open the full screen view in order to get to the desktop I want to be on. Also, when I put my computer in hibernate for the night or if the above happens, programs on VD will suddenly be on the other (I haven't moved them, they just move themselves). This is becoming a huge hassle and is interrupting how I work. Again, maybe my 'demands' are too extreme or too naive, but I thought when using VD, each desktop was separate from the other. I've tried using Windows 10's but that only works if using one monitor; apparently, Microsoft thinks it's crazy for people to have more than one or rather, it never occurred to them that people actually use a 2nd monitor for work [partial end to sarcasm].

Is this just the way Dexpot works on Windows 10? Is this how ALL virtual desktop programs work on this OS? I ask because I've yet to find one that can do what I want it to - keep the desktops separate and never the two shall meet. Would it just be better to use a virtual machine in order to actually get any work or do anything outside of work done? I don't mind paying for a program, but I don't want to pay for one that's not gonna work the way I want it to.

Does any at all have any of these issues??

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