Icon ordering gets lost frequently.

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Icon ordering gets lost frequently.

Postby Avencherus » 19.05.2020 19:44:41

I quite like the program, but periodically it lumps all the icons together on one side.

One situation seems to be randomly during startup. (Dual monitor setup here, and I have it set to load the last used desktop.)

Another situation I found was the following:

1. I was dragging a shortcut to another desktop by drag and drop on the desktop icon panel.
2. I got the warning this file already exists and if should I overwrite it. (I must have already moved it earlier.)
3. I did not accept this prompt, I left this modal window open.
4. From here I used hotkeys to move to that desktop to see if it was really there. (It was.)
5. When I navigated back all the icons were arranged in a pile on the left, while the alert message was still open.

Is there perhaps a way to save your icon orders, and reload them quickly if this happens? It tends to be a common feature for apps like this. If it exists I've overlooked it multiple times, and don't know what to search for.


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