Future Updates

Everything concerning Dexpot in general.
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Future Updates

Postby Humphreto » 10.06.2020 12:43:02

Is there a chance that we are going to get New release... cause the current version is of 2014. it is obviously it is not optimized for windows 10 which was first released in 2015. Just to polish things to look beautiful in windows 10

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Re: Future Updates

Postby windowsfan001 » 18.08.2020 17:12:04

I hope there will be new Releases/ Updates, too!

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Re: Future Updates

Postby scgf » 03.09.2020 09:08:05

[quote="windowsfan001"]I hope there will be new Releases/ Updates, too![/quote]

Me too. Dexpot is what task View should have been! I would welcome a UI update, but with a little tinkering it works perfectly on Windows 10.


Re: Future Updates

Postby PP1242 » 26.11.2020 10:57:25

hi, when is an update?
If the developer doesn't update, why not open-source on GIT?

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Re: Future Updates

Postby antimojv » 11.02.2021 15:16:12

I think that posting this code to GITHUT / GITLAB or a share repository could be a bug chance for a lot of people!
In a few years, it become useless if not upgraded :(

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Re: Future Updates

Postby THambrecht » 14.09.2021 00:37:15

Just working with the preview of Windows 11.
Dexpot is working so far.
Right now, I definitely think Dexpot is way better than Windows 11' virtual desktops.
But obviously Dexpot died. There are no updates.
Therefore, I assume that at some point Dexpot will no longer be properly compatible.

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