Bug- I have 20 virtual desktops. Desktop Manager only shows up to 9.

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Bug- I have 20 virtual desktops. Desktop Manager only shows up to 9.

Postby CerebralFreeze » 28.07.2020 23:40:51

Hello, Fellow Dexpot Addicts,

I actually knew about this bug a while ago but I never mentioned anything because I know how hard the developers work. But, this bug has been getting really annoying lately.

The Desktop Manager is the feature which displays the number of each display on the side of your monitor. You can click on one of the numbers and it will take you directly to that virtual desktop. Unfortunately, Desktop Manager only has room to fit one digit per virtual desktop. So, when it reaches 9, the next monitor is numbered as 1 because it only displays the first digit in 10. For virtual desktop #11, it display another 1. So, you get ten 1's until you get a 2 for 20.

Would it be possible to make a quick fix so that room is made in the Desktop Manager for 2 digit virtual desktops? It would save me a lot of time because I don't know if a desktop is 15 or 16. I have to count the little 1's to see if there are five or six 1's.

Thanks if you can fix this bug quickly!

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