Windows grow large when moved using Desktop Preview

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Windows grow large when moved using Desktop Preview

Postby jdop » 09.06.2022 01:04:44

Been having some really weird multi monitor issues after an Nvidia driver update and Windows 10 .

I've cured most of the problems , but Dexpot is doing something now that I never had a problem with before (long time user)

I have 3 monitors in this order 24" (100% scale) 43" (125% scale) 24" (100% Scale)

When dragging a window from a 24 to the 43 , using Desktop Preview, the window is resizing itself very large, filling the whole screen.

Dragging it with the mouse (normal windows title bar drag) it behaves normally, and there is NO resizing, so somehow Dexpot seems to be causing this .

Any idea how to fix it ?

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