Problem with Notepad++

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Problem with Notepad++

Postby jwhitens » 29.09.2014 21:55:14

I downloaded Notepad++ onto my computer. I am running Windows 8 and I have office 2013. The problem I am having is when I download Notepad++, it will not download in a folder as Notepad++, it downloads as Notepad only. The HTML/CSS files I am using is in Notepad++ folder but I can't get it to load onto the folder I am using for my website. I have changed the setting in the TXT file to Notepad++ from Notepad and it still downloads files as Notepad only. How do I get my Notepad++ files do download into my websites folders so I can create websites?

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Re: Problem with Notepad++

Postby Patrick » 01.10.2014 14:19:52


In case you're not a spam bot (honestly can't tell), here's the official Notepad++ Help forum: ... on/331754/

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