Interactive Full-screen preview

Full-screen preview is an interactive live overview of all desktops. You can move windows to other desktops by simply dragging them with your mouse.

Other, more advanced features like copying and closing of windows or tiling and zooming of desktops are available via easy-to-use mouse and keyboard controls as well.

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Revised and integrated Window catalog

Display all windows of a single desktop as tiles. Once you start dragging a window, Window catalog automatically switches to Full-screen preview so you can move the window to another desktop.

Redesigned Desktop Preview and improved Desktop Manager

Both components were entirely redesigned and visually enhanced.

Supports multiple monitors

All components of Dexpot are now compatible with multiple monitors. In case you want windows on individual monitors to remain visible on all desktops and content to be static, you can exclude monitors from desktop switching.
Settings > Switching Desktops > Monitors

Assign applications quickly

Once an application is assigned to a desktop, it's permanently bound to it. You can also assign applications to all desktops or the desktop where they were started.

One desktop background for each monitor

Set wallpapers and background colors of your choice for each desktop. Different backgrounds per monitor are possible as well.
Desktops konfigurieren > Background

Keep taskbar buttons visible

This option keeps the taskbar buttons of all windows visible on all desktops. Clicking a button makes Dexpot switch to the desktop of the respective window.
Settings > Switching Desktops > Keep all taskbar buttons visible

Distribute icons reliably

Get rid of icon chaos on your desktop: each desktop can have its own files and shortcuts. Split up your desktop icons by subject area. Features such as sorting and aligning of icons are maintained.
Settings > Switching Desktops > Desktop icons > Advanced > Create a separate folder for each desktop

Revised desktop names overlay

The desktop name overlay is cleaner, has a better readability, can be freely positioned and optionally shows the Dexpot GbR logo.
Settings > Switching Desktops > Desktop names

Loading profiles via shortcut

.dxp files are associated with Dexpot. Double click such file to load the profile.

Hot Corners & Mouse wheel switching

MouseEvents triggers functions by moving the mouse cursor into a screen corner. Global mouse wheel shortcuts can be used for desktop switching.
Settings > Plugins and Extras > MouseEvents

Even more new features and improvements

Dexpot 1.6 has so many new features and improvements that a detailed description on one site is impossible. You can find a complete list in the changelog.

See changelog